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Rainy day

Asker doberluv Asks:
Hi! I've noticed in some of your pics that Optimus has either his toe nails painted or he has toe grips. If it is the latter, how are those working out? I've heard they work wonders for older dogs with joint pain, but I'm wondering if they are great for preventing future joint issues. Thanks!
thedapperdoberman thedapperdoberman Said:

They were just painted because i’m a mean mom :)

i love your dobie he is beautiful! he has a huge chest too and i thought my dobie was big! how much does he way? and i love his name :)
thedapperdoberman thedapperdoberman Said:

He is 76 lbs.

Hey! I just recently found your blog~ I show dogs in conformation (dog shows) your dobe is absolutely lovely~ I too, have a dobe, but she is black
thedapperdoberman thedapperdoberman Said:

Thanks! I wish Prime enjoyed showing.

Asker cannon817 Asks:
Do you know of any good doberman breeders in Texas?
thedapperdoberman thedapperdoberman Said:

Are you looking for working or show line? European or American lines?

Asker gregsugg Asks:
Love your site. My oldest daughter showed me your blog. I've got a red dobe and used to train them for a kennel when I was at ECU in Greenville, NC. (1980-1984) I've got a couple of photos I'd love to send you. What's the best way for you to see them? My facebook pages? Greg Sugg
thedapperdoberman thedapperdoberman Said:

Hi Greg! Thanks for the message. FB would be great. Shoot me a message through my business page:

There are two types of dogs in this world. 1. Dobermans. 2. Dogs that wish they were Dobermans.

Thin mints are serious business.


Absinthe and I wanted to say hello to you two.
thedapperdoberman thedapperdoberman Said:

Hello to you two!